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NewsletterDateVideo & Info
No. 5101 March 2016arrow (1K) 'Waiting for happiness or sadness or misery or redemption' (Lang).
No. 5001 February 2016arrow (1K) To be lost in me ... (Quilter).
No. 4911 January 2016arrow (1K) Entrapment, Danger and Suspense in Sound and Image (Ligety).
No. 4831 December 2015arrow (1K) A secret Bach Code?
No. 4721 December 2015arrow (1K) 'My music has a classical base but draws on other cultures that flavour the music...' (Jenkins)
No. 4615 January 2015arrow (1K) Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Brahms!
No. 4529 October 2014arrow (1K) The first musical joke (Haydn).
No. 4410 August 2014arrow (1K) 'Simplicity for simple minds?' (Tavener).
No. 4306 July 2014arrow (1K) View on Rome (Respighi).
No. 4230 June 2014arrow (1K) How to perform Bach's BWV 867?
No. 4101 June 2014arrow (1K) Was Nannerl as great a genius as Mozart himself?
No. 4025 May 2014arrow (1K) Ewigkeit? (Zaunmair)
No. 3919 May 2014arrow (1K) 'Though a really good meal is nice, ordinary food will do just as well.' (Sigurbjörnsson)
No. 3818 April 2014arrow (1K) 'In Croce', a hymn about light and darkness (Gubaidulina)
No. 3712 April 2014arrow (1K) Haydn, Mozart and NO Beethoven!
No. 3622 February 2014arrow (1K) 'The pain exceeds that of death' (Buxtehude)
No. 3505 January 2014arrow (1K) 'Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring', one of Bach's greatest hits.
No. 3428 December 2013arrow (1K) Arend Gerds' 'Wolken en duinen', a fantasy on (nearly) one note.
No. 3322 December 2013arrow (1K) 'Tears and joy' (Schein)
No. 3230 November 2013arrow (1K) 'In difficult times ' (Elgar)
No. 3118 November 2013arrow (1K) 'Brahms sweeps through!'
No. 3019 October 2013arrow (1K) Weber: 'Feeling over form, heart over head!'
No. 2913 October 2013arrow (1K) 'Kerry Turner writes for exactly what Kerry Turner can do!'
No. 2806 October 2013arrow (1K) Shinohara: 'Is the door locked'
No. 2729 September 2013arrow (1K) Palestrina: 'To whom I owe everything I know of this art'
No. 2621 September 2013arrow (1K) Bach: 'Watch therefore, for you do not know the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.'
No. 2515 September 2013arrow (1K) Bach exceeded by Händel? No way!
No. 2422 June 2013arrow (1K) Poulenc: 'Mon canon, c’est l’instinct'
No. 2316 June 2013arrow (1K) Schoenberg: 'Nothing must hinder the free expression of the subjective ego'
No. 2220 May 2013arrow (1K) Schubert: Birds continued
No. 2118 May 2013arrow (1K) Schumann: Birds
No. 2013 April 2013arrow (1K) Chopin: 'God has delayed so long in calling me to Him'
No. 1906 April 2013arrow (1K) Mendelssohn: A second Mozart?
No. 1829 March 2013arrow (1K) Caldara: My heart dissolves in tears
No. 1724 March 2013arrow (1K) Haydn or Beethoven?
No. 1628 February 2013arrow (1K) Franz Liszt - Nuages gris (1881)
No. 1510 February 2013arrow (1K) Arvo Pärt - Da Pacem Domine (2004)
No. 1429 January 2013arrow (1K) Sofia Gubaidulina - Prelude No. 5 (1974)
No. 1318 January 2013arrow (1K) Josquin Des Prez - Sanctus (1502, from Missa La sol fa re mi)
No. 1202 January 2013arrow (1K) Einojuhani Rautavaara - Tranquillo (1998, first movement Piano Concerto 3)
No. 1123 December 2012arrow (1K) Paul Mealor - A Spotless Rose (2010)
No. 1014 December 2012arrow (1K) Valentin Silvestrov - Elegy (from Silent Songs, 1974-77)
No. 908 December 2012arrow (1K) James MacMillan - Dance-Hocket (from Veni Veni Emmanuel, 1992, movement 3)
No. 802 December 2012arrow (1K) Beethoven - Thunder Storm (Symphony 6, 1808, movement 4)
No. 724 November 2012arrow (1K) Rebecca Clarke - Viola Sonata (1919)
No. 617 November 2012arrow (1K) Josef Rheinberger - Abendlied
No. 511 November 2012arrow (1K) Hildegard von Bingen - O vis aeternitatis
No. 410 November 2012arrow (1K) Giovanni Battista Sammartini - Notturno V, third movement Presto
No. 305 November 2012arrow (1K) Claude Debussy - String Quartet (1893), movement 2
No. 204 November 2012arrow (1K) Ola Gjeilo - Northern Lights (2008)
No. 103 November 2012arrow (1K) J.S. Bach, Aria: Kommt,Ihr Angefochtnen Sunder (1738, BWV 30)

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